Property Management

Maintenance Reporting

Quickly record maintenance tasks and instantly send reports directly to supervisors or managers.  Reports can include pictures, videos, and situation details.  Easily keep track of tasks for immediate handling and for future use.

Location Tracking

Set location alerts to know exactly where your employees are at any given time.  Ensure they don’t leave their assigned work areas and don’t waste time and/or resources.


Control your whole operation through the user-friendly back office. Our sleek dashboard provides you with easy access to patrol reports, site summaries, and exception alerts.  With EZGuard, managing and administrating your patrols on a day by day basis is made simple and seamless.

Customizable Forms

Create forms — like administrative reports, vehicle audits, shift changes, on-site inspections, maintenance, safety, and more — that are tailored to employees’ specific positions and needs.

Monitor Checkpoints

Place QR-Codes at predetermined locations to indicate checkpoints along a patrol route. Receive instant notifications and take immediate action when any of these checkpoints are missed by your guards on patrol.

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