Security companies perform guard tours to monitor their security staff. These guard tours are important to pinpoint the whereabouts and the extent of alertness of security staff on duty. A lot of sophisticated equipment are available today to assist in guard tours and ensure security staff are performing their duties. These equipment and devices come at varying price ranges and at most time can affect the price of security services provided to various locations.

The guard tour patrol systems used by security agencies help ensure the effective implementation of security tours to safeguard the properties of clients from theft, burglary, sabotage, and accidents. Although many establishments install hardware and other physical security devices, it is essential to monitor the activities of the security staff deployed to residential and commercial establishments round the clock to avert loss to life and property.

The EZGuard guard patrol system provides a strong, simple and scalable way to monitor your guard tours without hassle. It is able to provide management with high quality fool-proof monitoring of the activities of security staff on site with the ability to retrieve data whenever needed for analysis and upgrading performance.


For residential and commercial facilities that employ manned security guards for safeguarding the premises from burglary, accidents, sabotage, etc. EZGuard guard monitoring system helps ensure alertness of guards, their location and activities while on duty and ensuring their routes and checkpoint are monitored as scheduled. Knowing that checkpoints and routes are done in a timely manner ensures that you can track and produce evidence in case of a mishap or other issues that may arise.

In the event of a mishap, the guard tour patrol systems help both the security staff and employers to avoid unnecessary disputes regarding accountability due to security lapse. Having a real-time guard tour system can also help to identify lapses in security systems and help address them on time.

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