Get to Know Wizelink

Wizelink was established in 2010 by highly experienced technology and entrepreneurial leaders Ran Dvir and Eli Yitzhaki. With their collective experience, they built their flagship product, EZGuard. Their intense customer focus, combined with a fast-growing user base, has enabled them to rapidly and effectively improve the EZGuard system to make it the most innovative, comprehensive guard tour monitoring solution on the market.

Meet Our Team

Ran Dvir

Cofounder & CEO

Ran is an electronic engineer with over 20 years of technological and managerial experience, plus over 10 years of experience in the development of management-based solutions.

Eli Yitzhaki

Cofounder & Chairman

Eli served as a Colonel in the Israeli Air Force, where he led the development of complex projects. He has also held senior positions in both the Israeli and United States defense industries. Currently, he serves as an advisor to a leading defense company.

Michael Cohen

Director & CEO, Wizelink USA

Mike’s experience with security began as a commander in the Israeli Defense Force. Since then, he has been an entrepreneur for the last 35 years with various successful business ventures in America and abroad.

Or Porat

Head of Development

Or has over 10 years of coding, IT, and DevOps experience. He has created, led, and contributed to the development of high-performing, highly scalable applications and projects. His expertise ranges from design to implementation of software and infrastructure assets.

Adam Cohen

Sales and Marketing, Wizelink USA

Adam graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami. His expertise is is Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

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