What is EZGuard?

EZGuard is an innovative solution to all your security patrol management needs. Utilizing a simple mobile app and a user-friendly back office, EZGuard grants you total access to your data and security personnel in real time. Reduce expenses, streamline operations, and improve productivity.

Location Monitoring

Follow along with your guard’s patrol in real-time as though you were there. Ensure guards stick to their routes and don’t waste time and/or resources.

Streamlined Reporting

Collect and view patrol data in real-time and save the planet by eliminating paper.

Exception Reports

Receive instant alerts for missed checkpoints or jobs not performed.

Data Security

All data is encrypted and cloud-based to ensure an added layer of security.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it.

All site data is received in real-time allowing you to proactively manage and prioritize other patrol activities.

Mobile Application

    • Collect and send information about on-site activities using only a Smartphone
    • Turn on automatic location reporting and customize alerts at pre-set intervals
    • No internet access? EZGuard stores data in the device until a connection is restored

Web Service

    • Monitor and administer all activities from an intuitive dashboard
    • Create customized checkpoints, routes, and timetables
    • Scale the service as your needs and business change
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